Garden Design in Thailand – Do you require a Landscaping Transformation?

thai garden and garden design

Do you own a piece of Thai land that could do with a professional redesign? As you can see in the example above and below, this derelict piece of land is un-usable. The owners contacted Pornchai Garden, and asked us to provide some ideas and inspiration.

thailand garden design

What they got was more than they could have imagined. The Pornchai team evaluated the land, came up with lots of ideas and suggestions, re-worked the designs accordingly, and then, when the owners were happy, built and installed the entire garden.

A complete transformation. Now, it is a pleasure to spend time in this garden space…

Do you have garden ideas that need bringing to life? Do you own any land in Thailand that needs to be re-worked? If so, you have come to the right place. Feel free to email [email protected] for a professional, reliable and cost efficient garden design and construction service, in both English and Thai language.

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