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Thai Garden Design are an experienced tropical landscaping team, who can transform a barren, ugly or construction ridden landscape, into one of beauty and sophistication. In this example, a well known condominium complex in Pattaya approached the Thai garden team with a view to creating an award winning landscape out of an area that was, basically, a disaster.

developing tropical landscapes

The new design concept involved tree and ground planting, grassing, landscaping and pathway construction, as well as the build of a natural rock waterfall feature (post here).

thailand landscaping

Earth levels had to be raised throughout the area, and grassed. New plants with verve and colour were advised on, and installed. Large trees were also brought into the landscape to provide cover and to break up the new building that was being constructed whilst the landscaping took place.

garden designer bangkok

The area was a building site before the Thai Garden team were called in.

landscape designer thailand

The Thai Garden team utilised existing materials that were present within the grounds, in order to save the owners money and time. Large rocks and boulders, materials and existing trees were saved or improved. The entire landscape had to be transformed within just three weeks, including all the pathway construction and waterfall build, but these time constraints were met, and with great results.

old tree reused in thailand landscape design

In the picture above, this old dead tree was an eyesore which the owner wanted removed, which would have taken valuable time and effort. The Thai Garden team instead turned this tree into a feature, by decorating it with appropriate, attractive, low maintenance plants (picture below).

garden design tropical thailand

If you are in the business of creating attractive environments for your customers, and you are looking for a team that can build award winning garden landscapes, then email for more information.

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