Breathe New Life into your Bangkok Garden!

This latest project consisted of several key elements, which all together, totally transformed this established Bangkok garden.

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The Garden Before the Team Visit is Bare and Trees are Overgrown …

Located in a housing estate just on the outskirts of the city, the homes are large and this corner plot was no exception.

garden drainage thailandThis large garden landscape was home to many very tall foliage trees, which over the years created some wonderful shade, but little light could get through to the ground, and so all but the hardiest of grass had expired.

garden and pond thailand
The Pond Build is Underway, with a Nice Shape …

Large areas of bare soil were prominent, and we not a nice play zone for the children, despite the shade cover.

garden designer in bangkok
Amazing, Beautiful New Pond

The team began the design back in 2019, but the job only recently started due to the busy schedule of the owner. In total the job, which consisted of regrading, re-grassing, driveway, pond and large scale planting, fences and a vegetable garden (with compost area).

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The Old Driveway is now Sunken, and Uneven, and Old Looking …

Soil and Drainage

All the top layer of old grass was removed, with new soil and grading sand leveled and prepared for improved drainage. Concrete drainage pipes were added around the perimeter, evacuating water into the estate drainage system.

landscape architect in thailandThe Driveway

The driveway had taken a battering over the years, from car parking and tropical downpours. The owner was looking for options, so the team advised to use the existing square blocks, relay them with a new concrete base, and plant grass within gaps between the stones.

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Renewed Bike Shed, and Drive for this Bangkok Home …

The results were fantastic

landscaper bangkok
Blockwork and Turf Driveway looks Sooo much Better than Before ..

The driveway now blends seamlessly into the garden areas. It was also widened, and extended for increased parking.

tropical garden styles
Completely Rejuvenated, this Space Now Looks Very Inviting

Landscaped Garden Area

The changes to the garden were equally dramatic. Large trees were clipped, with the team bringing in a crane to get to the taller branches.

landscape thailand
The Driveway Can Be Seen and Complements the New Garden …

All unwanted plants, trees and general debris were removed.

bamboo screen thailand
This Beautiful Bamboo Fence blends with the Existing Black Bamboo …

At one side of the house, the team constructed new steel fencing, and installed, as well as a bamboo privacy screen along one side, which blended into the established black bamboo, making a brilliant contrast and a new pleasing area of the garden.

bangkok garden designer
New Grass Lawn and Planted Beds for this Bangkok Garden …

In total, all garden areas were covered by the team and resulted in a vast garden transformation for this renewed Bangkok garden.

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