Using Artificial Grass Lawns to Transform Bangkok Gardens …

Thai Garden Design have been supplying and installing artificial grass lawns to transform Bangkok gardens for over 20 years. Our method of installation is the correct one, time tested, and gives great and durable results.

thailand fake grass
The old garden is grass less and bare. A bit of an eyesore …

Sometimes fake grass, or ‘artificial’ grass is a game changer for gardens in the tropics. Due to the need for shade, tall trees create large areas of bare soil, where grass and plants find it hard to succeed.

artificial grass supplier
Sand and gravel preparation for the grass foundation

Fake Grass vs Real Grass

This is where fake grass can be a good option. In this case, a large entrance garden, facing the home, was a little spoiled by the lack of grass, due to the lovely tall trees which had come to dominate the space. They offer lovely cooling shade for this large area, but grass and ground cover struggle to grow.

grass in thailand
A compactor machine ensures a smooth base

The team began by leveling the existing ground and clearing all unwanted plant material. A sand and gravel course are added, and compacted. A hard outer retaining edge is constructed, which will contain the new foundation.

garden designer thailand
The artificial grass has transformed this once dull courtyard

The new grass is then sourced (there are many types with options on colour, length of grass and style, this is agreed beforehand with the customer) and installation begins.

bangkok grass
The New Courtyard has a totally new look …

As can be seen from the pictures, the change is dramatic, and a huge improvement in terms of vibrancy and general look.

tropical garden lawn
A major improvement from the previous garden …

The quality of the grass is important, but if installed correctly, is very nice underfoot, and smooth to walk on. It’s great for outdoor games and sitting and relaxation. Plus it never has to be mowed! or fertilized and watered.

garden designer thai
The lawn can be used for sports and recreation …

So in many cases, artificial grass is a great option! Are you thinking of using artificial grass lawns to transform Bangkok gardens ? If so, Make sure you choose the best team. Thai Garden Design will visit, measure, advise and supply samples. Contact us for a quote today.


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