Transforming Urban Garden Spaces in Bangkok

This latest project is a good example of what is possible within a smaller space; in one of the many hundreds of thousands of Bangkok urban gardens. Thai Garden Design have been transforming urban garden spaces in Bangkok since the 1980’s.

garden and balcony designer
The poor state of the garden before the team arrived

The grass lawn areas were dry. The plants were ragged, lacking water.

tropical office plants bangkok
Land preparation is underway

There were no defined spaces for planting beds. And the new owners wanted to add several key features.

thailand pond and waterfall
The sprinkler system covers all plants and grass

One was a waterfall pond, using natural rock. The finished waterfall is a real success, located at one corner, it can be viewed from several points inside and outside the house, and the sound of running cascading water is calming and pleasant.

sala garden thailand
Wonderful Tropical Garden

Turn key Landscaping

The Thai Garden Design team also installed an automatic Hunter Xcore system, brilliant for residential garden irrigation, and covering all grasses and planted areas, even the pots at the side garden.

garden tropical landscaping ideas
Lovely Decorative Waterfall and Pond

The team installed modern flexible garden borders, with white pebble stones running parallel, to define the planted areas, along with correct landscape preparation, and new grass lawn. 

pond designer thailand
Statue Feature, amongst the new tropical planting

Tiled areas were laid at entranceways, to increase non-grassed area. Beautiful, random cut natural stone were employed to help visitors traverse around the tropical beds. 

sprinkler installation company thailand
Designed Side Garden

Various garden art, statues and statuettes were sourced to the owners taste and dotted around in key areas.

sprinkler installation company thailand
Micro spray head amongst the beds

The extensive plant list is low maintenance, and being fed by the new sprinkler system, will help plants to thrive moving forward. 

pond designer thailand
Cascading Waterfall

If your Bangkok garden needs help to bring out it’s potential, then contact Thai Garden Design today. We’ve been Transforming Urban Garden Spaces in Bangkok and all over Thailand for many years. 


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