Rock Waterfall Pond for Bangkok Home

A couple who purchased a new home at a popular residence in Bangkok contacted the team at Thai Garden Design and described how they required new a tropical waterfall and pond with several important specifications. Being quite superstitious, the owner required the depth and width of the pond to measure exactly 108 cm.

tropical pond designs

The waterfall itself was to be constructed exactly opposite the opening of the main front door (sometimes a good luck requirement within Chinese culture) and the height of the waterfall was to also measure 108 cm.

tropical thailand landscaping

The owners showed the team pictures of several waterfall looks that they liked from the internet, and the team took these pictures and constructed the new waterfall and pond with these pictures in mind. The team also built a new concrete filter beside the pond, with appropriate pumps and filter medium, and positioned a hardwood deck over the top to house the filter.

landscape design bangkok thailand

The finished pond and waterfall proved to be a big hit with the owners, who were very happy with the outcome and look of the build, and with the exact specifications which were adhered to by the team.

If you own a new home and need help with the garden landscaping, or have a garden project with exact specifications, then you've come to the right place. Contact Thai Garden Design for help with your garden landscaping projects.

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