Utilising a Pergola in your landscape

pergola feature thai garden Thailand is a hot country, so introducing shaded walkways at key points throughout your Thai garden is always a good idea. The pergola is a type of gazebo that can be built alongside walls or as an individual structure, or as a connecting sheltered walkway.

In Thailand the construction should be made from weather resistant wood and coated with paint or stain on a regular basis.

Good landscaping companies in Thailand will be able to survey your plot and advise on the best locations for a pergola, as well as construct them for you. As standalone features they will be relatively inexpensive and quick to build.

If you are interested in building your own pergola, here are some tips.

• Location – Measure the space available and size your pergola accordingly. Why do you want a pergola? What will it be used for?

• Simple structures are fairly easy to construct, but make sure you use the correct materials. For more complicated, or larger structures, always best to seek advice

• During construction, make clear markings in the ground for important points so you can clearly visualise ratios and lengths. Foundations and post holes should be at least 60cm deep.

• Once foundation / holding posts are in, wait for concrete to set before completing the rest of the structure.

• Use creeper plants and climbers to grow up the sides and above the structure to assist in shade and holding the structure firmly together.

If you are interested in hiring a quick, reliable and cost effective landscaping company based in Thailand, look no further, contact Pornchai Garden.

(Picture above: a Thai pergola nearly finished)

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