Pergola Construction (Without Columns)

The Thai Garden Design team recently received a request to install a house pergola in Pattaya for a regular customer. The customer was interested in a pergola design that could be constructed without the need for columns supporting the roof wood, as this would optimise the space below (allowing more room for his washing!)

ornamental pergola thailand

After discussions about the overall look, methods and colour, the Thai Garden Design team got busy building this ornamental style pergola, around one corner of the customers house. The pergola itself reaches 2.0m out into the garden, and covers a wall-span of over 10.0m, so lots of room for shelter.

wooden house pergola

The pergola was finished with a poly carbon roof covering.

tropical pergola design

If you’re interested in creating and constructing garden solutions for your landscape in Thailand, and you need the services of a professional landscaping organisation, then email for more information about how to improve you garden in the Land of Smiles.

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