The Low Maintenance Garden in Thailand

Low Maintenance Thai Garden
Low maintenance gardens can still be high impact, and just as stylish as gardens that demand more attention. This style of gardening is fantastic for people with busy work and social lives who want a stunning garden but simply don’t have the time to devote to a regular watering or mowing routine.

Low maintenance gardens have many advantages. A good, well built low maintenance garden will be able to still look great with little care and attention. As well as this, low maintenance gardens are often created by only using a few striking plants.

Gravel and stone are often featured in low maintenance gardens, and weeds should not be a problem if the gravel is laid thickly.

You also do not need a large space for a low maintenance garden, as small areas can look just as stunning with the right design.

Pornchai Gardens have helped many customers to achieve their perfect, long lasting, low maintenance gardens.


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