Improving your Thai Garden

You enjoy your garden in Thailand. You sit out on your covered terrace, with the fans keeping you cool, a nice cold drink in your hand, and the sound of the birds near to your water pond faintly in the background. Your lawn grass looks nice, your house looks nice, but as you look around, you feel like there is just a little something that needs to be added….

thai garden styles

Maybe you have a small nook somewhere that you don't know what to do with … Or a bad patch of grass, which takes the eye away from the rest of the garden, or a little alley way that has no character…

garden design in thailand

These are some common scenarios.. Here at Thai Garden Design we come across them often.. And there are literally hundreds of simple ways you can improve a nook, or beautify an unsightly area.

Perhaps utilising some of the spare trinkets and small Thai ornaments you already own, or by designing a simple feature, or a adding a low cost, low maintenance terrace with some attractive border foliage.

traditional bangkok garden

Whatever your thoughts, ideas or requirements, why not give the experts at Pornchai Garden a call (owners of Thai Garden Design). We have years of experience creating attractive garden spaces in Thailand … Whatever your style, layout or needs, we can help you acheive the Thai garden you deserve.

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