Custom Built Teak Wood Seating Area in Thailand

The Thai Garden Design team includes experts in wood working and carpentry. Recently, they designed and constructed a bespoke teak wood seating area for a courtyard garden at a new Bangkok hotel.

thai landscapes

The area before the team arrived (above) had been used for general access by the builders; which after some weeks was left derelict and down-trodden, lacking in any type of theme, planting or grass.

wooden decking area thailand

The new seating and deck feature takes up the entire corner of one section, and is completely constructed using Thai teak wood, with natural style wooden pillars, and a pergola style roof offering shade and shelter from the rain. This new wooden deck has ensured that this part of the landscape is attractive and usable again. Around the structure, grass has been laid and with some pebble pathway stones, and low maintenance planting around the outside and bases of the walls.

teak wood pergola bangkok

The customer was extremly pleased with the final structure and garden work, which was designed and installed in full by the team.

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