Create the Dream Tropical Garden you Deserve ….

Check out this latest dream tropical garden designed and installed by Thai Garden Design. The original landscape was bare, boring and drab. Very little thought into planting, or the overall potential.

Thai Garden Design were invited to create ideas to improve the home. We got to work.

A Whole New Look Across This Garden Landscape ….

Firstly all the exposed water tanks were lifted onto newly laid concrete slabs, and covered by an attractive composite wood screens, with gate access. All pipework that was exposed was re-piped, and buried, out of site.

A New Look for a Wonderful Family Home …

Drainage was improved across the garden – sub drains were added that linked to the perimeter drains, connected to the gutter down pipes.┬áThe old hedges were completely removed – and a new planting plan was recommended and planted – making a huge difference when viewed from all angles across the home.

An Idyllic Tropical Setting ….

Opposite the entrance to the main home, a new waterfall and designed sitting area were constructed, so when the family arrive they are immediately greeted with the calming sound of a running waterfall, alongside a colourful and enchanting tropical landscape.

Beautiful Waterfall Feature in the New Garden …

The team also re-installed the broken sprinkler system, back to brand new, fully automated, to run twice a day, keeping all the new grass and plants watered and healthy. If you want to design and construct your dream garden in Thailand – why delay? We will take the entire project from design stage to completion. Easy. Contact us here.


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