Complete Tropical Garden Renovation in Rayong …

The Thai Garden Design Team recently completed this Complete Tropical Garden Renovation in Rayong, at the Eastern Star Golf Club. An Expat couple contacted the Thai Garden Design team, as they had just finished building their two storey dream home in the club grounds. 

old garden in need of landscaping
This garden was in a bad state and needed a new design

The garden had been left for some time, and was sun-hardened and proliferated with weeds and unwanted vegetation (above). 

designer of gardens in thailand
The new plan was amended to fit the clients preferred planting list

The team submitted a design, with accompanying quotation, and with discussions with the couple, agreements on earth quantities and plant and tree selections were compiled. 

Earth is sourced and delivered, with the team landscaping the new space ..

The main issue was to deal with the very low ground level, which needed raising by up to 60 cm in many parts, and graded properly to help and facilitate good drainage across the landscape. 

garden landscaping team
The new garden is a real sight to behold …

The couple were very interested in installing a number of different fruit trees (rose apple, guava, mango, plus others) and this was an integral drive within the new garden design.

tropical garden design
Gorgeous new garden landscape

But once the earth levels were correct, the rest was a straight installation job, with selected trees as features, complimenting the existing palms, blocking some neighboring windows and tanks, and general clean layout design with sweeping sections of new lawn. 

tropical gardening
The views from the house have changed dramatically

The change is quite dramatic, and took just 10 days to conclude, from start to finish. This new, clean garden gives the impressive house the face it deserves. 

tropical garden designer
Plant selection is varied with fruit trees and decorative plants

The owners were very happy with the final results. Best maintenance practices were advised by the Thai Garden Design team, and this garden will thrive and grow, helped by the incoming rainy season.

thailand designer garden
New new back garden pathway

If you have a Tropical Garden Renovation project in Thailand, and need professional, responsive and hassle free help, contact Thai Garden Design for design and installation to the highest standard. 


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