Artificial Turf for Penthouse Rooftop Garden in Bangkok

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The old balcony, before grass was installed …

This large penthouse rooftop garden was missing something, it owned spectacular views of the city, large planted palms and fern beds and good drainage and lighting throughout.

But the space looked boring and dull. It was uninviting, and the owners of the apartment rarely ventured outside, even with such dazzling views.

The design team advised the couple to invest in an artificial grass floor. The qualities available of this type of fake turf is now very high, extremely nice when underfoot, and realistic and with different colour tone options.

Despite initial reservations, the couple went for it, and wow, did it make a huge difference to this rooftop.

The concrete sand wash is a hard wearing, tough finish.

But in these colours (very dark grey, and light beige) and with such a large space, it is hard to design the planting plan so that it is attractive and improves the space.

The new rooftop is more inviting for the family …

However, with the new artificial grass installed, the whole area looks completely transformed.

artificial grass company bangkok
The new grass is very nice underfoot

The artificial turf for this rooftop garden is immediately bright and welcoming, stepping from inside to outside is pleasant without shoes. The grass is soft and disperses the heat that was absorbed by the concrete.

artificial grass thailand
The grass adds vibrant colour to this once dull space …

It has made a big difference, and the couple are far more inclined to step outside and utilize this mesmerizing space. Now this initial step has been taken they are much more open to making further improvements to the rooftop, so that it becomes a main part of the home.

If you have a rooftop or balcony garden within Bangkok or Thailand that might benefit from artificial turf (see our design offerings here), then get in touch with Thai Garden Design. We can help you to design and execute your dream tropical balcony garden.


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