Amazing Green Wall / Vertical Garden Design, for New Ekkamai Campus, St Andrews International School, Bangkok

The Thai Garden Design team, after their first successful partnership with St Andrews International School, Bangkok, were invited back to help improve and ‘green up’ their newly opened Ekkamai Campus on Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. One part of the package was a long 40m wall running along the back of the football pitch and running track.

Installation of Framework and Irrigation

The team firstly fabricated, and then installed the steel framework that would make the skeleton of the wall. Plastic pots were arranged, along with the irrigation system linked to the school garden tanks.

Plant Selection of Various Colours and Foliage

A low maintenance plant selection was designed and recommended by the team. Along with minimal maintenance and help from the regular water from the sprinkler system, this means the plants will grow and continue to look fresh for a long time.

The Completed Wall in all it’s Glory

The new wall is a major talking point and feature of the school, immediately viewable upon entrance into the main building. It provides an attractive back drop no matter your location within the school grounds.

The Vertical Garden measures 40 metres in Length

Thai Garden Design also helped to improve other areas within the school that needed extra green and beatification. These will be covered in a later post on the website. For more information if you need help with your landscaping project in Thailand / Asia, contact us here.

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