Make your (small) Urban Back Garden Space Practical, and Beautiful

This latest project involved the Thai Garden Design team making use of all their knowledge to transform a small urban back garden in Bangkok into a pleasant, tropical and usable garden.

Transforming this space would be the teams task

The small space measures approximately 25 sqm, and was home to a large water tank that occupied much of the left hand side of the garden. The idea was to screen out the tank in an attractive way, but allow for maximum use of space.

New modern garden in Bangkok

The team therefore designed an attractive low maintenanace and modern pergola, which matched the modern home, and gave shelter to the front portion of the garden, next to the house.

Water tank = Solved

A wooden deck was built alongside a slated wooden screen, with steps up onto a welcoming landing deck, somewhere the homeowners can sit of an evening and relax.

A new, welcoming space for the home owners to relax

The garden is now an extension of the home, infact – it is more than that. It is an integral part of the ground floor living space, somewhere easy to step out and chill out. A complete transformation, and the owners are thrilled with their new space. If you need assistance with your garden landscape in Thailand, no matter the size, contact Ben here.


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