Shade Grass Lawns for Bangkok Homes

Thai Garden Design recently visited and installed a new shade grass lawn for a homeowner in the lower Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. Over time and with some neglect the original lawn had become all but dust, and so the team advised on best practices for installing and maintaining the new lawn.

bangkok garden design

The underlying soil was all dug through, with additional earth and compost, plus a layer of sand added so the new grass has a good chance of taking root. At all times this sub soil layer was kept nice and wet.

gardens of thailand

The grass was then laid and rolled, again with constant water added. In these initial stages and for 2-3 weeks afterwards, the grass needs water in order have a good chance of taking root.

lawn and grass thailand

The final results are a huge improvement, and make this garden beautiful and welcoming space once again.

tropical gardens of thailand

If your home could use some professional landscaping help, contact Thai Garden Design for more information.

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