Koi Pond for Hua Hin Expatriate

Thai Garden Design were contacted to go and check on an existing koi pond in Pranburi, near Hua Hin, that had been constructed by another koi pond contractor.

hua hin ponds and filter

The owner was unhappy about the level of algae in the water, as the filtration system used by the previous company was clearly not working. (view the video of the improved pond).

new waterfall and ponds hua hin

There were several major problems. The shape of the pond was awkward, and there were large pockets of 'still' water which could not circulate well. The team knocked out one side of the pond to make it a more circular shape, and therefore improving the circulation around the main body of water. They also installed an appropriately sized, four-chambered concrete filter (housed underneath a wooden deck) on one side, with UV lights, new pumps, and appropriate filter medium.

koi ponds hua hin

The new pumps greatly improved the circulation of the pond, helping to oxygenate the water.

garden design hua hin

The waterfall, which was badly installed, was re-designed by the team, who re positioned the existing rocks and added additional ones. The team also re-casted black concrete over the inside of the pond, and added new planting and rocks around the side to make a more natural looking feature.

pond designs hua hin thailand

The owner was very happy that his newly designed pond, which had been a constant source of frustration. The waterfall and pond are now a much better looking, functional garden feature.

tropical koi pond

(View the customers testimonial here) If you're looking for a professional pond design and builder, you've found us! Contact the Thai Garden Design team if you're interested in designing and building your own koi pond in Thailand.

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