Contemporary Landscape with Organic Growing Garden, Hua Hin

Thai Garden Design have recently completed this contemporary landscape for a couples newly constructed home, in the mountains of Hua Hin.

Wonderful Brick Pathway and Growing Garden

The brief was to design and create a modern low maintenance garden, that mixed in a large number or organic planters and growing beds, for all-year-round produce that would feed the family.

This Brick Planters houses Organic Produce for the Family

All around this large landscape you will find growing beds, organic fruit trees, a mix of herbs and vegetables, within a modern tropical setting. Some of this gardens produce includes: artichokes, stevia, kale, spinach, avocado, lemons and limes, lettuces, beets and carrots (to name just a few).

A Mix of Pathways make the Landscape interesting throughout

Modern Gardens can produce Organic Produce

Along with the self sufficiency element, the garden is littered with a mix of contemporary pathway pavers, mixed pebble stones, curving brick pathways and modern palm trees. It truly is a unique garden setting.

Bamboo Fence, with Creeper Plants

Bamboo fences were constructed by the Thai Garden team, helping to differentiate between the different living and stroage areas. All parts of the home are easily accessible; and the outer perimeter has a tall live bamboo fence, providing privacy for all the occupants.

This Fern Garden makes great viewing from inside the home …

The entire landscape is serviced by a lighting system, and a full watering system, that operates twice a day, to ensure the ongoing health of the wonderful mix of tropical trees and shrubs.

Stepped Lawn, and Growing Beds

The Thai Garden Design team were also responsible for the installing of a large lawn, view able from the main home and providing a wonderful setting for family play and socializing.

If you’re planning a new home in Thailand, that needs a unique and professional touch when it comes to the landscaping, then why not get in touch?


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