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Plant Maintenance a Pain? Stone Gardens Are the Way To Go!

Though plants are the general mainstay of any garden their cultivation in Thailand can lead to a number of problems that expats living here have not experienced in their home countries.

hua hin landscaping

Because of the fierce sunshine and heavy rainfall that is typical in the country many garden plants tend to grow rapidly and aggressively, making regular maintenance an serious issue for any Thai garden owner; it’s noticeable that traditional Thai gardens tend to have more in common with farms, providing edible fruits and roots rather than being relaxation areas.

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Additionally, heavy plant growth is a haven for mosquito’s and even snakes – particular problems for those with plant growth close to their house and animals or children in the garden. As a result a number of clients who approach us are seeking ways to retain an aesthetically pleasing garden whilst reducing their maintenance and pest issues.

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An ideal solution to this is to use stone-and-pebble gardens. These provide for a unique arrangement that is created to fit any area required and with a heavy duty weed liner they can help stop unwanted plant growth.

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A client that Thai Garden Designs has completed a job for in Hua Hin provides good examples of how pebble gardens can add much to garden and remove problematic vegetation. The customer wished for the area around their pool shower improved whilst retaining good drainage. They also requested the removal of a hedge close to their veranda which played host to mosquitoes and its replacement with a solution that would be attractive and provide no cover for irritating bugs.

thailand landscaping

The Thai Garden Design team installed unique patterned pebble gardens that solved all these problems and added a new dimension to the garden for any users pleasure.


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The idea of the stone and pebble garden is simply stunning. I agree with what you said, too much plants can be haven for mosquito's and other insects, this is one of the reasons why I chose potted plants since they are much easier to maintain.

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